Integrally colored concrete is only an option for new pours. Pigments are added to the concrete mix prior to placement so that the color goes all the way through. This is an advantage because the color cannot be worn or chipped away, additionally it will not fade.

For integrally colored concrete, the options are primarily earth tones - browns, tans, grays and subtle reds. Very subtle blues and greens can also be achieved. If you are looking for intense, eye-catching color, integral pigments are not the best option. Many contractors use integral colors as a base and add color hardeners, stains or dyes to the surface for an enhanced hue.


Using a Color Hardener

Frequently used with stamped concrete, color hardeners strengthen and add intense color to the surface of concrete. Concrete colored with this method is more resistant to wear, and less vulnerable to moisture and deicing chemicals than standard concrete.